Thursday, July 9, 2009

Club Lamb Fungus

Hello beloved Haiku Ewe fans!

Today I want to talk about ringworm. It sounds gross ... and it is, but it is also fascinating to learn about ailments that visit farms. Ringworm in sheep is called Club Lamb Fungus. Appetizing, oui?

Usually, sheep catch Club Lamb Fungus/Ringworm from ... wait for it ... cows. Stupid. Jerk. Obnoxious. Cows. They have the world so snowed. Everyone thinks cows are sooo cute and they buy their little cow milk pitchers and their little cow bells and their little paintings of cow noses. Blegch. I'm with Haiku Ewe. They are a stain on our society.

Anyhoo, prevention of ringworm can be rough. Unfortunately, since Haiku Ewe and some stupid jerk cows have had ringworm, the farmer will likely be spraying them with some crazy concoctions.

Soon Haiku Ewe will be back to her old self. Though not as soon as she'd like and not as soon as you'd think.

Thank you to Danke Club Lambs and Livestock of Minford, Ohio for letting me rip these images.

If Club Lamb Fungus fascinates you and you'd like to read more ... then you got dropped as a child. No seriously, I was going to add some links here, but that is crazy. Even the people who are having to physically deal with sheep who have this don't want to know more about it. They just want to get rid of it.

So, really I am saving you from yourself by not giving you any links. I suppose you can still Google or GoodSearch "Club Lamb Fungus" but at least you won't be able to say that I encouraged your twisted research in any way.

Oh man, I think I need a nap.

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