Monday, July 13, 2009!

For a little while (how long? I know not) I will double post both here and there. At some point I will make the big switcharoo and take this blog down. But that's quite a commitment and so it won't be for a while. Commitment is scary.

For now, I am trying to decide on a look (enter scary commitment again) and figure out how to arrange all the doohickies and figure out what all the doohickies dohick. Any suggestions or help any of you are willing to offer will be greatly appreciated.

I used to be a web desinger but that was three years ago. Three years is the equivalent of 6 lifetimes in web design years. Plus, I hated it and so I never researched the trends. I am a web design dinosaur. That doesn't phase me until I try to put together a blog/site thing for Haiku Ewe.

But! I will conquer this! PHP be damned! I will conquer this!!

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