Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Honorable Mentions

Yipe! I said I'd post honorable mentions today and promptly forgot until 4:30 PM PT. My excuse: I live in downtown LA and the Staples Center is about 5 blocks from us. Michael Jackson's funeral was held there today. I did not attend. It's not a good excuse, but hopefully it will distract you long enough that I can sneak away.

Here are the honorable mentions...
Please notice the facial expression on the sheep next to the farmer. Lol! Richie Bauer sent in this drawing and you can see more of his work on the Saatchi Gallery.

Mickel Yantz, creator of the webcomic NutCracks sent this one in. I noticed that Haiku Ewe is conspicuously absent from his "Comics I Read" list. Whattup with that? Lol! But check out the colors and the cool shading.

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  1. My bad oversight.
    You're added where you should be.
    Thanks for the contest.