Saturday, May 9, 2009

Feeling Better and Nearing 3K!

What a difference a day makes! Wow, Haiku Ewe is back in action and almost at 100%. She is finally out of the infirmary and ambling around the farm a little. She claims that the hay in the infirmary tastes different from the "hay of freedom." I don't really buy that since it all comes from the same place, but we'll let her imagine.

Today is our two month anniversary. Haiku Ewe went live on March 9 and here we are on May 9. We are 25 people away from 3,000 subscribers! Judging from the way the numbers have been increasing (yes, I have been watching them like a hawk for the whole two months), we will hit 3,000 by tomorrow or Monday (and that's being conservative). Wow! Wow!

I still haven't heard back from the people about yesterday's Haiku Ewe comic not loading. I will keep trying and hopefully all will be resolved Monday. However, here is the strip you missed yesterday.

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