Thursday, May 21, 2009


I love bonfires. I love the smell and the excitement of being so close to a big ole fire. It feels a little dangerous while actually being totally safe. Unless you are covered in fleece. Is fleece flammable?

Speaking of the word "flammable," I mizpellld it on the strip today. BlueRaven noticed. Which makes me crazy. I double check (!) every word three times before I post it. Except "flammable" evidently. Yar!! I'm going to leave it for now. But soon, very soon, I expect I will break down and replace it with the corrected version.

- - - -
Ok. I googled and all I could find was information about the use of sheep to help prevent wildfires. Not a bad idea. I didn't find any info about whether or not their fleece in flammable. But why take a chance, right?

So, it's a good thing Haiku Ewe played it safe today. Well done, young sheep.

In ewe words:
"Sheep can help the world
One fire at a time munch munch
Fire prone brush tastes gooood"

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