Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Love!!!

Haiku Ewe and I are both aware that self love and true joy are supposed to come from places that are not dependent on people. However, we haven't learned how to do that and so we are dancing around and giggling because of the following post on the gocomics site:
Haiku purple ewe
We love you so much that we
Write love poems too.
--Shikamoo MB
We love you too, Shikamoo MB!!!

How could we POSSIBLY have a bad day now? We can't!

To be truly loved
To be appreciated
Tis bliss for my soul

Ok, Haiku Ewe was a little over drama there. Yes you were and you know it. She's giving me this look like I just asked for some ketchup to put on my cruller. Whatever.

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