Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Haiku Ewe and I (Big Al, the gal) hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day full of sugar and presents ... and purple flowers (to eat) (that wish if from the sheep).

Haiku Ewe is up to 99% in her recovery from the cow tipping incident. She spent the day sniffing around the farm b/c she thought she smelled something funky. She alerted the dog, but he's old and lazy and not really good for anything. She has not yet found the offending object, but hopes to soon.

Also, we have an important public service (sort of) announcement. The comic on May 13 will seem to be a repeat of April 14. Because it is. You see, I had to move some strips around for the week of April 13-17. I got mixed up (happens a lot) and the one that was supposed to post on May 13 posted on April 14. Then I fixed it. So the comic that was supposed to appear on April 14 now appears properly when you go back through the archives. My basic advice is this: on May 13 look at April 14 by clicking on the calendar.

Does that make sense? Perhaps not. But I'm a cartoonist, so you really shouldn't expect too much of me.

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