Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It's a glorious California day and Haiku Ewe has found a little pond. Maybe it's just a puddle. I'm not sure. It's new to us anyway. I digress. Haiku Ewe found a pond and has been staring at her reflection.

The pond and the kind feedback we have been receiving from a few fans over the past couple of days led us to think about the ego. It's interesting how when we first see our beautiful face reflected or first read the flattering words, we feel ten feet tall. All suddenly becomes right with the world. The grass is greener, the sky is bluer, the cows are even a little less obnoxious. But then the good feeling fades and we begin to want more praise.

It's like a drug in two ways. First, it's addictive and we find ourselves always chasing after more. Second, paranoia sets in. Every time Haiku Ewe starts to say something she hesitates for a moment wondering if her statement will be "good enough."

So it becomes a vicious circle: wanting more praise, receiving it and becoming more paranoid and in need of more praise. Today Haiku Ewe and I are going to focus on the now.

We are going to become fully aware of the moment in which we currently find ourselves. Haiku Ewe won't let her thoughts wander to the delicious purple flowers in the back field and I won't let my thoughts wander to the trip I need to make to the post office to mail that stupid thing that should have gone out days and days ago and I wonder if there will be a line and will it be hot because it's always hot there. Oops.

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