Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today vs. April 14

As a birthday present to myself, I posted a week of sheering story line strips April 13-17. Except I didn't. Somehow I messed up. Why FTP confuses me so I will never understand. Anyway, the strip that posted today posted on April 14 before I realized I hadn't changed everything around. I fixed it and people can see a strip they haven't seen before by going to April 14.

Is this interesting to anyone? Because I am so bored. What a boring blog post. I told you yesterday I lead a quiet life.

Perhaps I should end this bloodbath of boredom now. I'll try to be more interesting tomorrow.

P.S. I live in downtown Los Angeles. I just looked out my window to see to people repelling off the side of a building to wash its windows. It looks so third world to me. Ironically, they are washing the windows of a very expensive and exclusive town club. Odd.

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