Friday, May 29, 2009


sprained hand update: the palm of my hand is still a creepy shade of green. but i think green is the color of a bruise that is on its way out. still pretty painful and stiff but swelling is down (thank u advil) and i'm seeing new progress every day.

but really i want to compliment haiku ewe on her mambo today. she has done a great job with her crooning all week long. way to go, haiku ewe! if the bull doesn't notice u after all this then he is blind.

and i think it is pretty big of me to compliment u when u have been devoid of compassion for me with my wound. yes. i said it. devoid of compassion. i was filled with sympathy for u during ur cow tipping infirmary stay. i even brought u some purple flowers as a special snack.

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